10 Reasons To Skin A Realtor While Buying!

The Mountain Life Team Blogger October 16, 2007

In our current market conditions, Realtors more than ever have to be on their game. In my market, the North Georgia Mountains, there was a day not too long ago where a Realtor could pick and choose the customers they wanted to work with. Obviously the Buyer coming into the area looking for a 4 bedroom home on wheels would be overlooked for the one looking for a 2 bedroom cabin with a great mountain view. Boy…..have times changed! Now its more like the Buyer gets to pick and choose the Realtor. How do you know you have picked the right Realtor?

Below you will find 10 ways to make sure that the Realtor you choose to work with and help you find your next mountain home isn’t a few sandwiches short of a picnic and will provide excellent customer service. A Realtor should provide you with fiduciary service and not just functionary service and they should be a consultant and not just an agent. They are able to give good advice, educate and guide you. They should be involved in the decision process and use good judgment and experience. A good Realtor is irreplaceable, and a great Realtor is highly compensated…meaning we actually earn what we make!


The one thing that I feel bugs a customer to death is not getting the information they want to them in a timely manner. Even worse than that, not getting it to them at all.


The other thing that can drive a customer looking to buy Real Estate crazy, or anything for that matter is lack of communication. I believe it is better to over communicate rather than under communicate. Some argue which form of communication is best or most preferred, email or a phone call. I think it is all relevant to the need at that time. If it is pertaining to a contract, it might need to be in an email so that you have a reference to look back to should you need it. I prefer to just pick up the phone and call you, but then again I type slow!


After the infamous movie with the dueling banjo’s, most folks want to Confused Salesman Croppedmake sure that the Realtor they are with knows the area up here in the mountains well! Now if you don’t know what in Sam Hill I am talking about, email me and I will ensure you get the Deliverance of the meaning. No really, I think a customer appreciates the fact that the Realtor knows the area well. I was raised in Blue Ridge Georgia, I know the good places to eat, the places to go to when buying what you need, and the places that you really need to go to just to see. Better yet, I don’t spend most of the day dragging you all around the mountains showing you property, I just sometimes go over ‘em instead of around ‘em!


A Realtor must know the numbers of the market they are in. They must study and know how many properties are out there, how many have sold, and how many have gone to contract. They need to know how many effective days the property has been on the market. Knowing these numbers helps a Realtor to better educate the Buyer and be able to determine for them what they can expect when they get ready to make an offer and more importantly how to make that offer. A good Realtor needs to know the homes on the market, they should be previewing new properties daily and leaving feedback for other Realtors. I try to preview 5 new properties a day.


Now who the heck wants to get into a vehicle with someone that is as cold as a bankers heart! There is nothing worse than having to ride around all day with someone you just don’t click with. That is of course if you don’t come down with something sooner and want out of the car! Now I know some people just get along better than others, but you have got to have a little fun all the while keeping it interesting. After all, it could be a bunch of riding around…or over!


I have learned the hard way that you got to take into consideration not everybody likes to go fast! I have had a bunch of people in the truck with me that just flat out didn’t like driving in these mountains. Some folks can handle the curves, while others can’t even handle going up the small hills, let alone the mountains. I guess the whole point is, I am now very conscience of my customers while I am driving them around showing them these beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.


Do I really need to say any more here?

I don’t always keep my vehicle in tip top shape, but I do keep it from being all cluttered up. Again, who wants to get into a car that has left over gravy from yesterday mornings breakfast all over the console. Even worse, you leave your child’s diaper in the car that you meant to get out after you got home from church last night! I know what you are thinking, and no I have not done either of these things!


This is such an important part of the fiduciary duties of a Realtor that I mentioned earlier.

Our fiduciary duties are not to just deliver the information, but to be involved and use our experience and local knowledge to put you in front of the professionals that can benefit you the most.

From Builders to Lenders, Insurance Agents to Home Inspectors. A Realtor should know and readily have a list of their good and reputable associates that can help you from contract to closing and even long after the sale. I get alot of pride out of helping others build strong community relationships as well. Blue Ridge Georgia is very unique in the fact that with a little effort on your part, you can get to know just about everybody given a little time. Everyone is warm and inviting and they will even call you by name!


Okay, so I have gotten you in the vehicle and been able to keep you in the there. I have given you alot of good information, been able to hold a conversation with you and I haven’t killed us yet! Now you are ready to buy and we go to contract. I can sum it all up for you…do what you say you are going to do! I am the professional, I am the consultant, I need to keep you informed on what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.


This is without a doubt, the most important thing to a me.

I really enjoy building long lasting relationships with my clients, not just because my business depends upon it, but because I depend upon it.

A good Realtor knows and appreciates the client long after the sale, and a great Realtor knows and understands that those relationships are what it is all about! I want you to be able to tell all of your friends and family who they should call if they ever need to buy or sell North Georgia Real Estate.

Be sure to check back for 10 Reasons to Skin A Realtor While Selling!

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  1. Hi Chad,

    I smiled the whole way through your post, because you totally hit the nail on the head in a comical, yet accurate manner.

    Buyers really should be very selective in the agent they hire to represent them- after all, it’s typically one of the biggest investments people make in their lifetime!

  2. – Hey Sandi, I am so glad you thought it was humurous. I had fun writing this post. You are so right, it is the biggest investment in my mind! – Thanks

    – Hey Paula, I unfortunately have let a few forget me, won’t let that happen again! – Thanks

  3. Chad,

    What would also be helpful is listing what a realtor can and cannot disclose to the buying client….such as: can you disclose to a buyer the days a listing has been on the market, what YOU truly feel a proper offer should be based on market value, even if it is LESS than what the buyer wants to offer, your knowledge of the “reputation” of a particular area (ie: crime, poor appreciation, etc) these items seem to be the gray areas for us buyers, the rest is not as complicated…


  4. Doug,

    Thanks so much for your helpful insights. I am not sure if you are referring to working with a Buyer in a Buyer’s Agency, or working with a Buyer as a customer while having an agency with a Listing Client/Seller. Come back on the Porch in the very near future for a post in both scenario’s.

    Thanks again Doug,


  5. Chad,

    I was referring to working with a buyer, as the buyers agent, and the buyer wants information as I listed (days on market, last sale price of home,reputation of the area the home is located ie: crime, etc) and it is NOT your listing, in other words, a different agency’s listing. Are these reasonable questions to ask and to get answers from a buyers agent??

    Thanks again Chad, great forum and web-site!


  6. Doug,

    Absolutely! These are reasonable questions, as a matter of fact they should be part of the fiduciary duties that your agent is sharing with you as he consults with you. I have posted my article on understanding agency relationships, please take some time to read it. Also, let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.

    Thanks so much for your comments.

    Make it a GREAT week!


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