10 Tips To Get Your Home “Holiday Ready!”

It’s that time of year again!  The holidays can be wonderful but deciding where to start in your home to get it ready for all of those house guests can be stressful and time consuming.  I have found that most people are not nearly as critical of my home as I may be. There can be a few exceptions to that though!  Here are 10 fairly easy and inexpensive tips to help spruce up your home.

1.   Spruce up with pillows and throws – Well, many of us look at our furniture and hope for new.  However, that can be so expensive.  I have found that purchasing some new pillows and throws to brighten up  the furniture can add so much to the look of a room.   I did this last year when I was hosting Christmas and I remember my mother-n-law asking if I had purchased a new couch!  Especially with the winter season, switch to darker, vibrant, warm colors.  It can add more to the look of your home than you realize.

2.  Remove Clutter – This can be tough problem for everyone!  However, if you can get rid of extra knick knacks that are collecting dust rather than adding to the look of your home, then do it.  Instead, replace an older knick knack that you think your family has seen lying around your living room for 10 years with a new potted plant or small vase of fresh flowers.  Remove old magazines and papers that may be cluttering up your coffee table as well.  I suggest only having a few recent magazines that your guests may be interested in.  Last year, I also removed some clutter on my end tables and replaced with some new inexpensive coasters.  It freshened up the tables in the main area where my guests were.

3.  Freshen up the entry way – Let’s face it, this is the first place people enter your home.  Adding a nice new doormat, wiping down the doors and possibly putting a fresh coat of paint on your front door will do wonders for the entryway into your home.  Adding a few new plants or holiday decorations out on your front stoop is an idea as well.

4.   Check all light bulbs- I learned this one the hard way! We rarely use our dining room except on these type of holiday occasions.  Don’t wait until the day when you are putting out the plates on the table to realize that 3 of your dining room bulb lights are blown!  Check these well before the guests arrive and put new bulbs in to brighten the room.

5.  Check all kitchen appliances – This is very important if you are hosting at your home!  Make sure all appliances are in good working order and cleaned.  It can add a lot to the look of the kitchen to wipe down all appliances and give them a thorough cleaning before guests arrive. Nothing could be worse than realizing the day of Thanksgiving that your oven isn’t cooking properly.

6.  Tidy up the Guest Room –  If you don’t go into this room often, it is important to freshen the room before the overnight holiday guests arrive.  Clean linens, enough pillows for comfort and looks, a fresh vase of flowers by the nightstand, and a small lamp will help the guest room appear nice and clean.  I also added a basket in my guest room with all of their fresh towels and extra linens.

7.  New area rugs – There are inexpensive smaller types of rugs that can truly change the look of a room.  Throw a few new ones around the house to give it a different look from last year.

8.  Clean carpet – This is probably a “no brainer” but very important.  Cleaning the carpet can add a lot to the fresh new look of a room.

9.  Add new items to the guest bathroom- Well, of course it is obvious to make sure it is wiped down and all toilets are cleaned!  However, adding a new soap dispenser, small area rug and a fresh new holiday towel can help your guest bathroom have a fresh new look.

10.   Power wash the outside of the home- Just giving the outside of your home a nice bath can help a lot!  It is not too costly to rent a pressure washer.  Getting the green off the house can spruce up the outside look up and people will be staring at your pretty holiday decorations rather than all the dirt and grime on the home.

 There is always more that can be done.  However, my observation is these are the main areas that people may notice!  You can add a few new inexpensive things and good ole Aunt Betty may think you have totally remodeled your home from last year.  Most importantly, the holidays are to be enjoyed by family and friends.  However, we all want to feel good about our home which is understandable.  Happy cleaning and have a wonderful holiday season.  Let me know if you have any other quick and easy spruce up suggestions!

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