10 Ways To Protect Yourself When Buying A Georgia Mountain Home – #1

There are few things in life as exciting as buying a North Georgia Mountain Home. However, since homes are one of the largest purchases most of us will ever make, home buyers should take reasonable steps to protect themselves in the home buying process. This series of posts will contain some general suggestions on how buyers can do this.

The information that I am providing to you is taken from Form F-13 Protect Yourself When Buying A Home from the Georgia Association of REALTORS®, Inc.

1. Read And Keep A Copy Of Any Signed Contract.

A Purchase and Sale Agreement is a legally Binding Contract. It should be read in its entirety by the Buyer before it is signed to ensure that it reflects the business agreement of the parties. Verbal promises not included in the contract are generally unenforceable. Buyers should comply with all time deadlines in a contract since missing a deadline can leave the Buyer in breach of contract. Getting an early start on arranging such things as inspections and financing is the best way for Buyers to avoid missing deadlines. The Buyer should also keep a complete copy of any contract that he or she has signed in the event a dispute arises regarding the authenticity of the contract.

Please check back soon for the second way to protect yourself when buying a home. Should you have any questions or concerns before then, please feel free to Contact Me, or call me at 706-994-8686 for any Real Estate advice you might be seeking.

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