3 Subtle Differences To Selling Your Georgia Mountain Home This Winter

DCIM100MEDIABears hibernate. Geese fly south. And North Georgia Mountain home buyers become different people in the winter. During spring and summer months, the competition, speed and market saturation can make selling a home in Blairsville or Blue Ridge Georgia an intense experience. When the selling season heats up, buyers can come flying back to the Georgia Mountains in a veritable revolving door of showings. In the winter, selling a Blue Ridge GA Cabin is a far more intimate exercise. To make the most of the next couple months, it’s useful to recognize some of the hallmarks:

1. Buyers: They Expect a Deal

For whatever reason—blame HGTV or the rumor mill—many buyers have come to believe that in the winter and early spring months, there will be deals aplenty. To handle that mindset, it’s useful to remember that “deals” for selling a home aren’t limited to rock-bottom pricing. Consider how you might otherwise sweeten a deal. And before that, be sure your listing information captures the value shoppers’ imaginations.

2. Inventory: Scarce

Buyers may be expecting that deal, but in reality, with fewer houses on the market, there may actually be more buyer competition for the gems that are there. If you are selling a home that’s highly desirable, don’t miss any opportunity to make it stand out from the crowd. With few homes out there, yours may line up to be by far the most appealing listing.

3. Weather: a Fact of Life

Scheduling your open house on what turns out to be a miserable day may be unavoidable. Make the most of it by warming up the house. A cozy, warm home (think fireplace, hot apple cider, oven-fresh baked goods) will make it easy for prospective buyers to feel right at home in front of their future fireplace. And remember that buyers are shopping online first—never more than in bad weather—so include pictures compelling enough to drag buyers out into the cold.

Selling a Vacation Home in Blue Ridge GA any time of year rewards an artful, studied approach. Adjusting your tactics to make potential buyers feel like they are getting a deal and finding a gem is a winning game plan. If you have been looking for a marketing plan to get your home S-O-L-D this winter, give me a call today to put a plan into action!

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