4 Great Super Bowl Party Tips

Decoration Details
Don’t go overboard for Super Bowl decorations; most people will be more interested in the TV screen than your carefully crafted table centerpiece. One easy way is to choose serving platters, dishes and table cloths in the colors of the competing teams. Take it a step further by choosing a few food items that display the team shades, which are the same this year! Blue and red frosted cupcakes are a fun way to show spirit.

Pre-Gaming Matters
Before kick-off, have your own football game in the backyard. This big game pre-game method is a terrific way to amp competition, and it assures everyone will be tired—and hungry—come game-time.

Food Fun
A buffet is the way to go for a Super Bowl party; a formal sit-down meal just isn’t conducive to the laid-back atmosphere of game day. Plus, leaving the food out is a great way for people to snack throughout the afternoon. Keep food fun and easy to eat Sandwiches, salads, wings, chili, dips and crudités are traditional choices.

Create a Safe Space
Often there are a handful of non-sports fans at every Super Bowl party who are just there for the company. Set up a space in another room for them to hang out and catch up if they don’t want to watch the game. This will also benefit hardcore football fans who don’t want their game interrupted by chatter. This goes for kids too; if young children will be around, set up a coloring and game station in another room—but be sure to have an adult supervising at all times!

Enjoy the game. I am pulling for the Giants!

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