4 Tips for Finding the Perfect Home

4 Tips for Finding the Perfect Home

Close your eyes and imagine a 3 level cabin on the side of a gently sloping mountainscape with 360 degree mountain views surrounding you.  In your back yard you can whistfully frolic along your well manicured path that leads down to an incredible river which you can hear from your wrap around decks during those family cookouts.  A large, open-concept kitchen with the latest appliances, a towering fireplace for chilly North Georgia nights and even a spare suite bedroom should you have out-of-town guests.

It’s sounds perfect, right?

Well, maybe it isn’t exactly your definition of perfect, but you likely have some kind of picture in your mind of what your dream home would look like. And in a perfect world, you can have that home.

But we don’t live in a perfect world. Unless you’re building from the ground up – and even not always then – you will probably need to make some compromises and adjust your expectations. If you want to find something that gets as close as possible to that dream home in your mind, follow these tips.

Define what you’re looking for

Go ahead and make a list of all the things it would be fantastic to have in your new home, whether that be a media room or a temperature-controlled wine cellar. That’s your “would be nice to have” list. Now make another list of things that are more important and possibly deal-breakers for you, which could include the number of bedrooms or bathrooms. This is your “must have” list. Cover all your bases with your “must have” list and be grateful when some of the homes you view have items from your “would be nice to have” list. You can probably live without the in-home gym, but going without a master bathroom could become problematic.

Be realistic about what you can afford

If you’re serious about buying a home, one of the first things you should do is get pre-approved for a mortgage. This will serve you better down the line once the closing process begins, and will also indicate what price range you should be looking at when you start your search. There’s nothing more disappointing than having your heart set on a home that you ultimately can’t afford, and nothing more discouraging than not being able to make your payments should you buy it anyway.

Think about the location

Maybe you think it would be wonderful to have a sprawling home in the country, but you might change your mind after suffering through a long commute for years. Consider what type of neighborhood you’d like to live in, what types of amenities are nearby and how close you need to be to work and school.

Be flexible

The most important tip when it comes to finding your perfect home is to be flexible. Go into the process with a positive mindset, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what a little imagination can do to a home. That home you weren’t so sure about when you first found it online could end up being the home you’ve been dreaming about for years.

As Realtors, we try to supply you with these kind of tips to help you along the way!  If you’re looking to buy or sell a home here in North Georgia, call us to begin your journey.  We’re advocates of mountain living and we can help you every step of the way!  Chad Lariscy | The Mountain Life Team | KW Realty Partners | 706-745-3123 or [email protected] MEET OUR TEAM! 

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