5 Worst Selling Mistakes You Can Make!


Sold-Sign-300x197OK, so you have the for-sale sign up and you’re anxiously waiting for a buyer to step through that door and make you an offer you can’t refuse! But even in the seller’s market we’re seeing this Spring, you still need to do some work before getting that “Sold” sign up. The Mountain Life Team is here to help! OK? So here are the FIVE worst mistakes you can make….when trying to sell your home.

Too big of a welcome party!
When a home buyer arrives, you shouldn’t be there. That goes for your pets too! However, real estate professionals tell us this happens all-too-often. We know you love your home. But having you there can be a distraction, an awkward one at that.
Same goes for your pets! Buyers may not love Fido as much as you do, particularly their smells or messes. When a buyer steps in, do you really want a barking or growling pooch to greet them? Or worse yet, a cat that suddenly jumps out of nowhere and scares them half to death!

When an agent calls and says they’re coming, that’s your cue — grab the dog, the cat, the kiddos, and get out! And be sure to have the kitty litter box and all those pet toys and crates out of sight… and out of smell. You may be surprised how accustomed you have become to pet odors that other folks notice when they first walk in the door.

The NUMBER FOUR mistake:
Making your home is hard to show.
We know it can be inconvenient to keep your home in perfect, ready-to-show condition when you’re trying to sell. And you might think it’ll be easier – if you just say, for instance, “all showings on Saturday and Sunday, 2 to 4.” But the more you limit showings, the more you may limit the number of buyers who will see your home. By saying your home can only be shown via appointment or at designated times, you’ll significantly reduce your showings.

Don’t make home buyers work around YOUR schedule. They’ll likely just say: “Forget it!” and go the next house on the list. Make your house easy to show, just about any time within reason…and you will substantially improve your chances of finding a buyer.

Not being – prepared.
It only takes ONE buyer. And often you only get ONE chance to make a first impression … don’t let it be a messy one. Dirty dishes in the sink? Laundry in the corner of your closet? An unmade bed? You’ll have buyers racing for the door! Don’t let buyers get distracted by all your stuff! Instead, get your house shining like never before! Clean, clean, and then clean some more! Always be ready so when your realtor calls, you can spring into action.

Mistake Number TWO?
Setting the asking price – too high.
You undoubtedly have an emotional attachment to your home, and that makes it hard to be objective when it comes to its value. In fact, more than half of all home sellers believe their home is worth FIVE to TEN percent MORE than what the home is usually listed for, according to a recent survey. 19% of home sellers believe their home is worth 11% to 20% more. Your home’s value isn’t dictated by how much you originally paid for it, nor by how much extra you poured into it in renovations. It’s based on what the market says it’s worth. And nobody knows the current market conditions in your neighborhood better than your realtor. Your realtor should provide you with a comparative market analysis or CMA, which will review what homes are currently for sale and at what price. It will also list what homes are currently under contract. And here’s the most important part: It will list all of the homes that have successfully closed and at what price.

Here’s what can happen IF you price your home too high:
– Many buyers won’t even get out of the car.
– And where will they go? To your competition, which is priced right.
– And even if some buyer does meet your sky-high price…they’d better be paying all cash. Because if you’ve priced it too high, the house will never pass the lender’s appraisal. And you’ll be forced to either reduce the price to where it should have been anyway – or just plain kill the deal.
Price your home right from the start — It’ll save you time in getting it sold.

And the NUMBER ONE mistake when selling your home? Drum Roll!!!
Trying to do it – by yourself.
Studies have shown you’ll be leaving money on the table.
Sellers who don’t use an agent sell their home for an average $174,000. That’s compared to sellers who do use an agent who sell, on average, for $215,000. That’s a big difference!
Selling your home is a big job. You need someone in your corner — negotiating with your best interests at heart and ensuring you’re following the laws and disclosure rules.
So there you have it. FIVE big mistakes you could make when selling your home. Mistakes that can cost you time, and cost you money. So how about doing yourself, your realtor and your potential buyers a big favor:
Please. Go make your bed.

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