6 Quick Steps To Spring Cleaning

It’s a chore most people hate to even think about, much less roll up their sleeves to accomplish: freshening up the house after winter’s sooty build-up in the ritual we call spring cleaning.

But it doesn’t have to be onerous, say the housekeeping consultants at DIY network, and it doesn’t have to take more than a single weekend. They offer six tips for getting through the clean-up with minimal fuss and bother:

• Get help – Enlist the family to pitch in, with the promise of their favorite take-out dinner coming in at the end of it. Even young children can tidy up their rooms, carry out trash, and even run a light vacuum.
• Start with the windows – Run the brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner over the drapes and curtains. If you take them down to wash or dry clean, that’s the easiest time to vacuum the window ledges, inside sills and screens. Wipe down the slats of venetian blinds while wearing light cotton household gloves sprayed with non-stick furniture polish. Spray window glass with a 50-50 mix of vinegar and water and wipe clean with old newspapers.
• Hit the bedroom – Start by going through closets to get rid of clothing you no longer want and bag them for donation to charity. Collect for dry cleaning the winter clothes you plan to keep and will want cleaned and ready next fall. Get help to flip the mattress, then dust and vacuum as usual.
• Dust the hanging fixtures – Clean ceiling fans using a brush with an extendable handle designed to reach the tops of each fan blade. Dust chandeliers and other hanging fixtures with a feather duster—or by rubbing them down while wearing cotton gloved dampened with vinegar and water.
• Clean the carpets and floors – Spot clean and vacuum the carpets as needed. Damp mop all the vinyl, laminate or hardwood floors.
• Change the batteries – In your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and change the filters in your furnace/air conditioners to make sure you’ll be safe and breathing healthy, dust free air this spring and summer.

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