A Family Favorite – Swan Drive In – Blue Ridge Georgia

The Swan Drive- In,  in  Blue Ridge is truly amongst the favorite “fun things to do”  in Fannin County.  As a resident in this town, I often hear locals talking about going to the drive in.  This summer while I was at the city pool, I would hear mothers  chatting about going to the drive in and meeting there.    The kids get excited just thinking about going as they love to run and play in the front with all the other children that are there.  Not only is this establishment a locals’ favorite but a “top 10″  amongst the tourists as well.  Several people that have heard I reside in Blue Ridge, have often said,” oh, isn’t that the place where they have that drive in”?  Considering there are only 4 left in Georgia, it is something that people drive here to this town to visit!  I understand why because as a child, I remember visiting one in Atlanta and would always have a blast.  It is just a movie, but something totally different about being outside to watch it!

The great thing is you can choose to watch the movie under the stars or in the privacy of your own car.  The theater is equipped with stereo sound and all you have to do is tune your car to 105.5 and you can hear the movie!  The kids can continue to run around and you can see them as well as still hear the movie.

The prices for the movie will go to $7 for adults and $4 for children in March.  One thing to prepare for is they do not accept credit or debit cards here so you must be prepared with cash.  Come with enough cash to purchase one of their amazing funnel cakes or deep fried oreos!  Yes, the concession stand is something to put on the list to visit while at the  drive in.  They also have nachos, hot dogs and other items as well.

The Swan drive In is celebrating its’ 57th year in operation!  For years people have driven from long distances to visit this fun place.  On the weekends you are able to view a double feature.  On Sunday there is only one movie playing  Most the movies begin at 8:15.

I highly recommend this as a family or date must!  More memories to be made in the beautiful North Georgia Mountains!

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