We Found A Little Piece Of Heaven In The Mountians!


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My wife and I just closed on a cabin in the North Georgia Mountains, after a search of about 10 months and what must have been around 50 or so individual listings. Our Realtor, Chad Lariscy, was a tireless advocate for our concerns. Not that we had all of our ideas wrapped into a tight ball at the outset (though we THOUGHT we did), by any means. We learned as we went, and Chad constantly heard, and applied, our desires to the list of properties we would be shown. We visited the area several times over the months and Chad met us each time with a smile, a warm greeting, genuine care and spent the entire day with us as our intrepid guide. When we needed input, he provided it – always with grace and real concern – to help us to more clearly see what we had in our minds and hearts. When we arrived at the place, we knew it was the one.

We’re glad for the time we spent – not only in seeing all the variations that sellers had listed, but for being able to realize our own concepts which at times weren’t all that easy to interpret.

Chad did an outstanding job of representing not only Blairsville Realty specifically, but the Real Estate profession in general. We’re proud to know him – and would heartily recommend him to anyone on a similar search.

Furthermore, Chad will keep the clinical and detailed aspects of the market before you with insights such as those of which he writes in his articles in “The Front Porch View”.

Rick and Starr

Rick and Starr,

I had the best time with you guys! Rick, your “mountain slang” to this day keeps me rolling in the floor with laughter! Starr, we are going to get that Volley Ball court on the side of that mountain if it is the last thing we do.

I am truly blessed and grateful that the both of you have come into my life. This goes well beyond the scope of agency relationships. You are both my dear friends whom I will always remember as being one of “The Best” I have ever had the privilege of working with. I am looking forward to many, many great years ahead. I know you guys are going to fit right in with us “mountain folk!”

My family and I are eternally grateful!

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