A Quaint Cafe and Coffee Shop – L & L Beanery – Blue Ridge

L & L Beanery has quickly become a favorite of mine as I live in Blue Ridge and love to visit this adorable coffee shop on a regular basis.  Nestled in the downtown area, the Beanery is located in the historic old Fannin County Bank building.  How fitting that an ample suppy of their most valuable item, coffee, is stored in the banks’ walk in safe for “safe keeping”!

The Beanery not only offers gourmet coffee drinks and pastries in its’ West Main Building, but now has a full service bistro that serves breakfast and lunch.  Since 2007, Chef Kathy Wilson has been at the beanery creating some amazing food!  Some of my favorites are her specialty omelettes as well as an out of this world chicken salad sandwich for lunch!

There is also an L & L Beanery located on East Main Street.  This location mainly serves coffees, frapes and smoothies.  You can visit the one on West Main in the morning hours to enjoy a fabulous breakfast before you head to all of the downtown shopping!  Then you can take a break and grab one of the awesome smoothies at the East Main location!  I think you will leave Blue Ridge with a smile on your face after treating yourself at the Beanery!  Enjoy!

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