A True Treasure in Blue Ridge – Huck’s Lost Mine – Gem Mining and Mini Golf

Whether it is blazing hot, raining or freezing cold, you can always come to Huck’s Lost Mine located in downtown Blue Ridge.  Huck’s is the only indoor miniature golf course in Blue Ridge, GA.

After taking my kids to this establishment, I felt like I had found a true “gem”of a place!  For approximately $10, we purchased a game of putt putt and a gem mining experience.  There are various prices according to what you are seeking.  Some of the gem packages you purchase may actually have additional treasures in them such as princess rings for the little ones.  While mining, we saw a little girl find a ring and the smile on her face was amazing!  She was so proud of herself for finding this beautiful ring amongst all the dirt!  She worked very hard to get that ring clean so she could show everyone!

Our time began playing putt putt .   Although it is a small course, it is  perfect for any age but especially a younger child that may get bored or overwhelmed by a big course.  On the last shot, if you get a hole in one, then you win a free game.  My dad actually did this and gave the free game to my son who thought that was great!  The best part is that it is nice and cool as you play inside.

From there it was time to go gem mining!  Watching their faces as they poured the bag of dirt they give you was priceless.  They could not wait to begin the adventure of searching for hidden treasures.    They shook the box and sifted through the dirt and flowing water in the covered 50 foot flume line.   Many treasures were found including rubies, crystal points, calcites, emeralds, garnets, sapphires and various other gems.  They even gave mom one!

The staff at Huck’s Mine was very friendly and good with my children.  While we were there, a girl scout troop from Ellijay was enjoying a field trip.  The staff had many people to help and did it with ease, fun and a smile on their face.

When you finish finding your treasures, you can head upstairs to get an ice cold drink, candy or a knick knack from the cute country setting type store.  If you have never been to Huck’s, I would suggest it as a fun end of the summer activity.  You won’t even have to cancel your plans if it rains!

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