A Whimsical and Magical Place Kids Will Love! – Sleepy Hollow – Blairsville

Once again I am in awe at the talent of another amazing artist.  Art Millican Jr., former Disney artist and model maker, has created a store like no other!  Sleepy Hollow is located 90 miles north of Atlanta, just east of Blairsville in the North Georgia Mountains.  In this store and at his on site garden area, exists his hand cut and carved fairy and hobbit houses like you would see at Disney and many of America’s theme parks.

Art can hand make whatever type of magical house you may be seeking. He creates items as small as a birdhouse or as large as a playhouse for your children.  He also assembles fairy doors which can be used anywhere you can imagine!  To truly understand the beauty and amazement of this craft, you must visit the Fairyland Garden he has created.  It is FREE admission and the kids are able to run and play in the houses as well as watch the wood elves work.  What a great idea to do before it gets too cold!  I have a feeling your child may come up with another item to put on the Christmas list!

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