Advantages To Selling Your Home In Blairsville Georgia This Fall

Price-Is-RightWhenever a home lingers on the market, the likeliest two culprits are either a price that’s too high to be competitive, or a home that’s not in top showing condition. There is always the factor of location, but we will hit that topic another time. So, if you were unsuccessful in Selling Your Home in Blairsville GA this Summer, it would be particularly disappointing given the strength of the selling season. The NAR reports that in July alone, sales of existing homes jumped 17.2% compared with July 2012. At the same time, some sellers reported the reappearance of multiple offers. In Union County, sales of existing homes only jumped 12% compared with September 2012. Not too much difference, but at least it was still in the right direction.

The good news? Selling Your North Georgia Mountain Home in the Fall or Winter is not as difficult as most people commonly assume. In fact, selling your Mountain Home or Cabin in Union County during the coming months can offer certain benefits. In what many people assume is an “off season,” across the nation, it is in fact the busiest selling season of the year here in these beautiful North Georgia Mountains.  It also helps when you consider that there are fewer homes are on the market — which of course equals less competition. At the same time, The Mountain Life Team has found that Buyers in the Fall and Holiday Seasons, tend to be more serious about buying.

Pricing is almost always the overriding issue. Home values haven’t fully recovered from the peaks registered before the residential housing crash. Nationally, median prices are on the rise…but even so, they are still 7.3% below the high water marks reached in 2006. If you bought or appraised your home in 2004 – 2006, you might have to set your asking price slightly lower than the number you heard then. Selling Your Blairsville Georgia Home in a timely manner just might depend on it.

Showing condition matters, too. Selling your Georgia Mountain Home is different from living in it. To be competitive with the other Blairsville GA Homes For Sale, the property should be spotless for every showing. Removing excess furniture, art, and personal items such as family photos or trophies is important for creating a home that appears spacious and airy. Now this is important and a hard one to grasp I know, but it does make it a little easier for Buyers to imagine their own families living in your home.

Don’t let the lack of a Summer sale discourage you. When you set your asking price correctly and provide an immaculate showing environment, you’ll give yourself a strong chance of selling your North Georgia Mountain Home in Blairsville, Blue Ridge, Ellijay and Hiawassee during the cooler weather months. If you would like to talk strategy, Contact Us Today for an in-home assessment! You can reach me at 706-994-8686.

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