Alexander’s – A Blairsville Shopping Tradition

As I walked up to the quaint white building known as Alexander’s, I was thrilled to see there may be a small place to shop here in the mountains.  My excitement grew immediately as I gazed over this building that is full of brand name items that I would find at a shopping mall!  I quickly realized after just a few minutes, this was no small place!

Alexander’s, a large shopping facility,  located at 4966 Town Creek School Road  in Blairsville, is a rare type of shopping experience.  Owners, Eddy and Sandy Alexander pride themselves in having “everything under the sun”.   I would have to agree with them.  What a unique find out in the middle of the country!  This store offers such variety and can truly be a man’s as well as a woman’s favorite place.  This reminds me of a Macy’s and Sporting Goods store combination!!  I heard one local call this the “Macy’s in the woods!”

The stock ranges from fashionable men and women’s clothing and shoes, to  furniture, appliances, camouflage and guns (the list could go on and on).   The quality of product is excellent and you will see many different brand names.  Some of the names include Carhartt,  Benelli USA, Crocs, Ariat, and Remington.  I can’t imagine that at Alexander’s you will see a husband sitting on a bench waiting for  his wife to finish shopping….there is too much for him to look at and enjoy!!  In fact, she may have to be one to try and get him to leave the store!

Alexander’s was purchased in 1957 by Hoyt Alexander, (Owner Eddy’s father), a name that is heavily known in the Blairsville area.  What started out as a country store, has grown to be a huge asset to the Union County area to service so many customers in a variety of ways.  As you canvas the store, you will see the original 4 inch tongue and groove pine flooring and 6 inch wall boards.  You will still see a large candy  selection behind the counter to remind you of the good ole days.  We could not leave without purchasing some licorice!

As I left the store with many items that I had hoped to find, a smile came over me realizing what a rare place this is.  Rarely do you see stores that exist in a small town like this.  Alexander’s has survived in an era of mega stores and remained the nice country setting that it hopes to provide as well as truly servicing your shopping needs.  If you have never had the Alexander’s experience, I believe you will not be disappointed.  Try it out…you may save yourself a trip down to the mall and help bring revenue to an awesome North Georgia Mountain community.~~

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