ASAP Pricing Strategy to Sell Your Georgia Mountain Home

North-Georgia-Mountain-Home-RepairsRushing to Sell Your North Georgia Mountain Home is never desirable — but circumstances sometimes require it. To sell your Mountain Home in Blairsville or Hiawassee Georgia quickly, the most important factor is finding the right price. It is said that 80% of effective marketing is in the price alone. Too high a price will dampen buyer interest — but of course you don’t want to set the price too low, either. Here’s one way to find the right price:

First, complete all repairs. They’ll have to be addressed at some point, so getting them out of the way first clears the deck for your sale. To sell your home quickly, you want to feature it in the best possible light…meaning that all of the little (as well as major) repairs have to disappear from the picture. A few hours or days of hard work can have a disproportionate impact on the ultimate selling price.

Next, familiarize yourself with Union and Towns County competitors. Scour the MLS Listings to find Homes For Sale in your area, especially your community or development and attend any open houses you find. Get a feel for the way homes in the neighborhood are being listed, and which features look to be adding the most value.

It’s also a good idea to consult a qualified appraiser. Most homes will be appraised before sale anyway, and a certified appraiser will offer an unbiased view of your home’s value. Having a recent certified appraisal can also serve to encourage buyers to write an offer quickly and certainly help with negotiations.

At this point it will be possible to set the value. There are differing approaches to setting the price for a home, but they share a few things in common. Each generally takes into account average prices paid in recent comparable North Georgia Mountain area sales combined with the appraiser’s feedback. To sell your home speedily, consider setting your price three to five percent below that formulation. Now remember all you “naysayers,” this is only for a needed quick sale and ASAP Pricing Strategies. While this may seem unnecessarily low, the idea is to encourage immediate interest from multiple buyers, setting up the potential for competing offers. One thing is nearly certain: a lower-than-average price will get more buyers through your door!

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