August 2009 Fannin County Vacant Lot Market Report

While there is some good news with Vacant Lot sales in and around the Blue Ridge area located in Fannin County, there is still good reason to be concerned. Median Sales Price is up 25%, up $8,000 dollars from $32,000. Now it is questionable to me whether or not it is good news that the Supply has dropped 37%. This is obviously not from sales or we would see that in these reports. So where did all of the lots go? Well, they could have been withdrawn from the MLS to simply wait out the market and be offered by the developer, however my fear is that they are probably going into Foreclosure, if not now in the very near future. It is a major concern of myself and that of my associates that if we see a major wave of Foreclosures on these developments, it could yet again be another devastating  blow to our North Georgia Real Estate Market.

It seems so dramatic to report that Vacant Lot Sales were down 22%, whereas if I told you that there were only 7 Lot Sales this month compared to 9 that Sold last month it wouldn’t sound near as bad!  There were 8 Vacant Lots under contract in the month of July, and that is a decrease of 11% from the previous year. We have seen a significant decrease in the amount of Vacant Lots available on the market. In July of 2008 there were 1,573 Active Listings in Fannin County, in July of 2009 there were only 994. That is a difference of 579 or 37%. What is comforting is that the number of new listings hitting the market is down a whopping 68%. There were only 32 new Vacant Lots that hit the market in Fannin County in July 2009.

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The average Days On Market (DOM) has climbed immensely to 344 Days, up 114% and still on the rise. As mentioned earlier with the decrease of Inventory, we have also experienced a decrease in our Month Supply of Inventory (MSI). MSI is down a change of 26%, from 158.6 to 118 months.

So as you can see, we are still experiencing a rough market for Vacant Lot Sales. It is so hard for these developers to hold on during these trying times. The biggest thing that I have experienced in talking with these developers is that they have suffered such significant depreciation in there developments, most more than 50%, that by the time that the market for Vacant Lots starts to come back around, they will have paid more interest than they will ever get out of the proceeds of the sale. That is a tough pill to swallow.

I you have any questions or concerns about this report or would like additional information, please Contact Me, or you can call me at 706.994.8686. I appreciate you taking the time to stop by The Front Porch View.

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