Blue Ridge Georgia 5th In Top 10 Tourist Destinations For 2008!

The Mountain Life Team Blogger November 24, 2007

Porch ViewBlue Ridge is on the map again! Trip Advisor, one of the world’s largest travel survey community on the Internet, has ranked Blue Ridge Georgia as #5 in the Top 10 United States Tourist Destinations!

Jan Hackett of the Fannin County Chamber of Commerce was quoted in The News Observer as saying “This is great news for our community, and yet another way to get the Blue Ridge name out to the tourists.”

According to the Trip Advisor survey, the major Great For Communitytrends travelers value include cleanliness, which is rated above all else, and an environmental friendly community.

If you have never been on the forum of Trip Advisor, I would suggest you check it out. It is amazing to me just how many folks are on the forum discussing everything from dining reviews to North Georgia Cabin Rentals, and from things to do to places you have got to see, all concerning the North Georgia Mountains including Blairsville, Ellijay and practically the whole world.

Here are the rest of the Top 10 2008 U.S. Tourist Destinations.

  1. Sunny Isles Beach, Florida.#5 Blue Ridge, Ga
  2. Kitty Hawk in the Outer Banks, North Carolina.
  3. Seward, Alaska.
  4. Kailua, Hawaii.
  5. Blue Ridge, Georgia.
  6. Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania.
  7. San Marcos, Texas.
  8. Pasco Robles, California.
  9. Rockport, Texas.
  10. Copper Mountain, Colorado.

Downtown_blue_ridgeWelcome to Blue Ridge, Georgia. A quaint and charming town nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Blue Ridge is located just 90 minutes north of Atlanta, Georgia and about 90 minutes southeast of Chattanooga, Tennessee. With an abundance Creek-1of shops and boutiques, fine restaurants, antiques and hospitality, it is a place that welcomes you. Hike to your heart’s content. There’s horseback riding on quiet, secluded mountain trails. Go boating on the beautiful Lake Blue Ridge, or be more adventurous with Whitewater Rafting on the Ocoee River. You could always come and just relax while listening to the sound of a rushing creek lying in your hammock, rock your worries away on the Front Porch of a cabin with a million dollar view, or take a leisurely ride aboard the legendary Blue Ridge Scenic Railway. You are sure to enjoy your stay here in Blue Ridge, Georgia.

Please don’t forget, if you come to Blue Ridge and enjoy your stay here in the North Georgia Mountains and think you might like to buy a cabin here for yourself or possibly for an investment, please be sure to shoot me an email or give me a call.

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See What Others Are Saying

  1. Chad – Great news for your community. A cabin in The Blue Ridge Mountains sound like a perfect get-away to me.

  2. Chad, you have convinced me. I plan on bringing my family to Blue Ridge Georgia for a camping trip. We usually bring a pop up so we won’t need a cabin. I am sure my son would enjoy the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway. Congrats on ranking number 5!

  3. Paula,

    Thanks for your comment, it is really good news for our community. When you are ready to come to Blue Ridge, be sure to let me know your coming!


  4. Scott,

    Look forward to your visit. I would be glad to let you know where all the good camping spots are up here in the North Georgia Mountains. Thanks for coming up on the Porch!


  5. Chad – that’s exciting news – I know I love the change of scenery I get from Clearwater Florida to there and the nice part is the Blue Ridge mountains are so centrally located – it’s a great getaway even on a long weekend. – Cyndee Haydon

  6. Congratulations to North Georgia’s Blue Ridge! Your neck of the woods is truly beautiful and the scenery is awesome. Close enough for us Port Orange FL folks to get away for the weekend!

  7. Hey Marty,

    Don’t worry about coming to the North Georgia Mountains, I rarely get over near your neck of the woods in Wasilla, Alaska!


  8. Janis,

    We would love for you to come on up to the North Georgia Mountains. You are right, it is beautiful and it is only a short days drive away from Port Orange, Florida.


  9. Mary,

    I would really like to meet you. Come on down from the Beltway to the North Georgia Mountains, and I will treat you to a view and a “Cup of Joe!”


  10. Sandi,

    I know it would be a long haul from Chico, California, but if you ever make it to the North Georgia Mountains, I love to show you around!


  11. Terry,

    There are some unbelievable invetment opportunities available here in the North Georgia Mountains. I doubt we have as much golf as you have to choose from in Charlotte, North Carolina, but we have some pretty nice courses within an half an hour drive. Log cabins are our specialty, there are tons of log cabins in rental properties and for second home owners. Log cabins and mountains just seem to go hand in hand!

    Thanks for the post.


  12. Chad,

    We are coming up this weekend of Feb 8th to view multiple cabins from Blueridge to Hiawassee. Any preferences to area you can give other than those on your site?? thanks so much, we are excited! Congrats on 5th site in the US by Trip Advisor. I guess we better look GOOD at Blue Ridge!!


  13. Doug,

    Having been raised here in Blue Ridge and living here nearly all of my life, I have many personal preferences. One of the most highly desirable areas around Blue Ridge is the Aska Adventure Area. However, Mineral Bluff is becoming a hot spot with all the great new developments taking off out there. Please give me a call at 706.633.8186, I would be grateful to be able to speak to you about our beautiful mountains.


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