Blush 809 – A Trendy Downtown Blue Ridge Boutique

Located on Main Street in downtown Blue Ridge, Blush 809, a trendy and fashionable shop, celebrated its’  one year business anniversary on August 4th.  Owner and Fannin County native, Abby Merrell, said the day was awesome as they gave away a $10 gift certificate to all who attended, as well as a drawing for a free outfit.  The lucky winner was local resident, Sandy Sosebee.

Abby resides in Blue Ridge with her husband, Rodney, whom is seen often at the shop, and almost 3 year old daughter, McKenna.    We can all remember McKenna’s birthday because Blush809 was named after her daughter’s month and year she was born- 8-09.  Merrell, maiden name Woody, was born and raised in Fannin County and thought Main Street would be a perfect location to open shop.   Abby’s goal with the shop has always been to provide a fashionable and trendy selection of clothes, shoes and jewelry for the locals so that they can shop in Blue Ridge instead of having to make the far drive to the mall.   This adorable boutique also attracts a large amount of tourists.

Blush has several items that are unique to the downtown area.  One of the items is called Lotti Dotties which is an attractive silver jewlrey line with interchangeable dotties. There is a large variety of dotties available at this boutique.  Purchase shiny dotties to dress up the outfit, more casual silver dotties or even some that are very appealing to children such as the whales or butterfly dotties.    The price point is great as well.  In the video you will see a demonstration of how easy they are to interchange.  You can buy a necklace, bracelet or earrings and change out the dotties for a variety of looks.  As I shopped with my daughter at Blush809, the Lotti Dotties definitely caught her eye!  We purchased her a necklace and three interchangeable dotties for her birthday!  She has had a blast changing them out and matching the dotties with various outfits!

Another exclusive to Blush809 is the  Roar clothing line that is from Los Angeles.  Each item is handcrafted and unique because they are created from original pieces of artwork.  The motto of the Roar clothing line has been to promote strength and positivity.  Blush809 has a variety of Roar clothing for men as well.

If you are a local resident or tourist looking for some unique clothing and other items, stop by Blush809 on Main Street.  You can also shop online as well!  You will not be disappointed!

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