Brasstown Bald In Blairsville Georgia – One Of God’s Greatest Gifts To North Georgia!

Brasstown Bald, the highest point in Georgia, is a place that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime.  This beautiful mountain rises 4,784 feet above sea level.  The peak of the mountain is divided by the county line – half of Brasstown Bald is located in Towns County and the other half in Union County.

The hike up the mountain is .6 miles long.  It is quite steep, however, there are various resting spots along the way.  My children hiked up as four year olds and made it with minimal complaining!  Along the way, you will see so much beautiful  nature that the climb will be worth it.  At the bottom of the mountain, there are many types of rosebay  rhododendrum but changes to purple rhododendrum as you climb higher.  Also, at the base you will see a variety of  oak trees and a mix of many other types of hardwoods.   As you get closer to the top, these trees become smaller.  It is an absolute beautiful view any time of year, but if you are seeking the most beautiful time to look at various colors of leaves, the third week of October is known to be the best.

If you are not interested in hiking up the mountain, there is a bus that will take you up for a minimal fee.  At the top of the mountain is the famous tower of Brasstown Bald.  The visitors’ center in the tower offers various exhibits and video presentations.  It is a very educational center that all ages will enjoy.

The trek down the mountain is obviously much easier!  You can choose to ride the bus up and walk down as an option!  Surrounding the parking lot area of Brasstown Bald, you will see various picnic tables.  My family always works up a good appetite after we enjoy the beautiful hike.  Again, this is another way to enjoy family fun without spending a fortune.  I highly recommend Brasstown Bald and am already looking forward to our family going this fall.  Afterall, what a great feeling to know you visited the highest mountain in Georgia and while at the top, were able to view four states all at the same time!

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