Buzz By The Bumblebee Café – Excellent Lunch And Breakfast! – Blue Ridge GA

If you are not careful, you may accidentally pass this adorable restaurant located at the top of a hill at 5850 Appalachian Highway in Blue RidgeThe Bumblebee Café is quaintly decorated with bumblebees and beehives, and is a great place that specializes in breakfast and lunch.

Bumblebee has been open since June of 2010 and is a family owned operation.  Each time I have gone to the Bumblebee, I have been  greeted by a very friendly staff that always wants to make sure we are properly taken care of and happy with our meal.   The Owner Linda Davidson says you can also reserve a room they call “the hive” for parties, luncheons, business meetings or whatever the occasion.

If you are looking for country cooking in a comfortable setting, Bumbleebee’s is a great one to visit.    You are able to choose to eat off of the light menu/kids menu as well.    The portions from the menu are quite substantial!  Not only is the food tasty but the value is excellent.  They also take credit or debit card which doesn’t always happen in the mountains.  I have learned that more than once and thought I was going to be washing dishes to pay for my meal.  Not in friendly Blue Ridge, GA. though …I was told,” don’t worry, just come back when you can to pay!!”

Another positive for Bumblebees is that they are open 7 days a week from 8am to 2pm.  When I spoke with customers about some of their favorite breakfast choices, omelets, eggs benedict and egg florentine were at the top of the list.    They have an excellent variety on the menu for breakfast as well as lunch.

If you are looking for a good price and good quality restaurant while you are in the mountains, I suggest you buzz on by the Bumblebee   I sure am glad I did.  It has quickly become a favorite.

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