Chick-Fil-A Ribbon Cutting Was A Success!

chick openingWow! This morning, The Mountain Life Team was totally Mooooooooovvvvvvved! (in honor of those clever cows)  Seriously, we were excited to attend the ribbon cutting for the new Chick-Fil-A here in Blairsville, GA. In classic Chick-Fil-A style, they raised an American flag, had live music from UCHS Choir & the Chamber Choir & taunted the crowd with samples of those bite-sized mini chicks & vanilla iced coffee. Of course one of the cows was in attendance to make a photo-op!  Their customer service was impeccable, just as Truett Cathy designed & their bold statement from the manager was noteworthy & motivating: She said “Our desire is to honor God by being good stewards…”  Our team was genuinely moved & motivated to be better by these words of truth.

The Blairsville store was the 1,922nd store in this amazingly successful “fast food” franchise. According to – Despite its relatively small size – only 1,887 stores in 2014, Chick-Fil-A ranks highly in terms of its total system wide sales. The chain generated nearly $5.8 billion in revenue in 2014, making it the eighth largest fast food chain in the US, according to QSR.  More annual revenue than dozens of other chains that have more than twice as many locations, such as KFC, Pizza Hut, Domino’s & Arby’s. Incredible!

So what’s their secret?  Well, they most certainly have delectable chicken sandwiches, waffle fries & the best service around but in my opinion it’s something much more. Their bold desire to honor God in their business ethics & to take a stand in America is so refreshing. The phrase honor God that the manager opened with still rings in my mind. No other businesses make such statements at ribbon cuttings or take such a public stand that I’m aware of. Please don’t misunderstand, Chick-Fil-A is not excluding or discriminating against any kind of religion or creed but holding to their own personal religious & moral values within their business. Somehow our country has lost site of that. Sometimes it’s easier NOT to stand for what you believe..often times it’s better to remain neutral so you don’t “offend” anyone. Truett Cathy held to his Godly standards & has made his way in this capitalist market to become a leader in his industry.  Not about more stores…but about better service & amazing food while growing at their own pace – holding to their values.  Bravo!!!  Glad you’re now a part of our wonderful thriving community of Blairsville in Northeast Georgia!

So now that the mountains are a little sweeter with Chick-Fil-A…make that call and make your moooooovvveee to Northeast Georgia.  We can help you find that mountain home you’ve always dreamed of!  The Mountain Life Team | KW Realty Partners 706-745-3123 or [email protected] 

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