Christmas Shop at a Consignment Store?? – ABSOLUTELY!

design-refindYou may think giving gifts from a consignment store is cheap or cheesy??  Not if you visit a great store  like Design Re-find, located on Depot Street in downtown Blue Ridge.  This is a consignment store that features anything from rustic furniture to antiques and unique designer brands.  The receiver of your gift may be able to get a wonderful present that otherwise bought new, would have been unaffordable.

Consignment shopping is definitely the wave of the future.  People are realizing now how valuable used, in good condition items can be.  Defintely consider checking out various consignment stores when shopping for your loved ones.  I think you may be very surprised at what you do find!!

Design Refind offers more than just amazing Christmas presents.  They can be a store that helps you redecorate your mountain home!!!  They offer  a wide selection of furniture and household accessories.  Design Re-find will also do repairs on your lamps and various antiques.  They also have custom bedding, window treatments and furniture.  This store can  truly help give you advice about decorating your dream mountain home.  If you have not yet located that perfect mountain home that was made just for your family, call The Mountain Life Team and we can help you.

Let me know if you get to visit this jewel of a store and what you thought.  While you are there, enjoy stopping in at the Blue Ridge Brewery that is across the street!

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