Craving Good Old Fashioned Country Cooking? Head To McCaysville Georgia!

Since moving to the mountains, whenever we have had friends or family visit, they often ask me , “do you guys have any good southern country cooking restaurants in Blue Ridge?”  I proudly answer ABSOLUTELY!!

If you are visiting in the North Georgia Mountains, there is a small town called McCaysville , that is located on the Georgia, Tennessee state line, about 10 minutes north of Blue Ridge.  In my opinion, at least two of the best country cooking restaurants exist in this area.  One is Pat’s Kountry Kitchen and also Yellow Jacket Restaurant.

Both are very casual environments.  They don’t claim to be the fine dining experience but they definitely would agree that they can offer you the country, casual feel that you may be seeking!  I believe they are reasonably priced as well.  You can get a meal in both restaurants for an average of $10.

Pat’s Kountry Kitchen, located at 1256 Blue Ridge Drive has been a favorite in this area for years. .  After speaking with several people eating at Pat’s, the consensus was that the country fried streak and creamed styled corn were among the most popular menu items.   Customer, Betty Reynolds of Fort Lauderdale Florida, stated, “Pat will always make sure you are happily satisfied when you leave and I’ve never been disappointed”  My 10 year old daughter Allison, whom is not the biggest veggie lover, always asks to go to Pat’s so she can get her famous cream styled corn!!  At Pat’s you can also find some country type of items for sale in the front part of the store and then take a seat in the rocking chairs outside on their porch.  I guarantee you will be stuffed and need to relax when you are through!!

The Yellow Jacket Restaurant has been operated by the Goss Family since 1960!  They are located at 2755 Blue Ridge Drive.  The favorites at this restaurant seem to be the fried chicken and fried chicken livers!  Mike Smith from Ellijay says he comes here often and absolutely loves the buffet that you can get on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  His daughter , Melissa, said that  the REAL mashed potatos are “out of this world”  I would have to agree with the  both of them.  At the Yellow Jacket Restaurant, you will find a casual atmosphere filled with friendly faces!

So, if you are like many I know that love southern style cooking, these are a great choice.  I believe you will definitely get the country feel you are seeking.  After you get that belly full, you could go just down the road a few miles and do nothing but sit and rest while tubing the beautiful Toccoa River.   Who knows, after country cooking and tubing,   you may just get hooked and decide to move to the mountains like I did!

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