Did You Say Chattel?

CowHave you ever heard someone mention the word “Chattel” and wonder what in the world they were talking about? Me neither. Of course I knew they were talking about Personal Property.

So What is Chattel?

Chattel is just another word for Personal Property. It comes from the word Cattle which has the meaning of possession or ownership. I can just hear it now, thinking of the wild west, “those are my cows, that’s my chattel.” Chattel is something that is NOT “Usually” hard to move, or simply not attached. For example, a grill or possibly a picnc table out on the deck. How about those Rockers out on the Front Porch up here in these Beautiful Georgia Mountains sitting back and soaking up the views. Rocking Chairs are Chattel in case you got lost in all of that!

One very important thing to remember when buying or selling a home or cabin in the North Georgia Mountains, is that your Chattel cannot be factored into the appraisal when it is being included in the sales price of the home or cabin. Chattel is typically sold using a Bill of Sale. This instrument is used to transfer personal property from one person to another.

So when you hear the word Chattel, you will undoubtedly know that they are talking about personal property.

I would absolutely love to be your North Georgia Mountain Realtor. So if you ever have a need, please feel free to contact me. I can speak for my entire family when I say that I know we will be very grateful just for the opportunity to meet and exceed your needs.

Make it a GREAT day!

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