Do I Really Need To Use A Real Estate Agent?



Byron Wyndham of Wyndham & Associates often comes up on The Front Porch to share his Views on Real Estate Law and his vast experience in the Real Estate industry. This article talks about why you should use a Realtor when searching for your next North Georgia Mountain Cabin For Sale in Ellijay, Blue Ridge or Blairsville.

I have written in this blog about how business practices differ in the mountains than in many metropolitan areas. Today, I want to address an issue that is present in both the North Georgia Mountains and in more urban areas. I often hear the question, “Do I need a real estate agent to buy a house?”.

 Signing AgreementThe easy answer is “Yes, why don’t you go ahead and use an agent since it won’t cost you anything because the Seller pays the agent’s commission.”  While that statement is true, an agent does more than simply find a Buyer a property that the Buyer wants to buy.  Whether in the North Georgia Mountains or a metro area, an agent will assist in negotiating the terms of the contract. There are often many issues that may need to be addressed in a contract. It is always better to have a disinterested party to negotiate the contract than someone (Buyer) whose judgment can be affected by the emotion of the moment. The agent will also be better able to analyze the Buyer’s financial position. This information is critical in determining how much house the Buyer can afford and in advising the Buyer about local Lenders who can get the Buyer a mortgage. It is always better to work with an agent who has local financial contacts that for the Buyer to simply look up a Lender in the “yellow pages”.   Finally, there is definitely a reason to use a real estate agent when buying property in the North Georgia Mountains. If you look in the local “Real Estate Book” or look at “flyers” in the area, you may be able to find a house or property that you think is just what you are looking for. You may even find the most perfect property online. So aside from the issues discussed above about negotiating the contract and dealing with the Buyer’s financial issues, what is the other reason to use a real estate agent in the mountains?  How to you get to the property to look at it?   The North Georgia Mountains are covered with roads and rights of way that may not be on a map. Many roads are not paved. There are also references to local terms that are not familiar to an “outsider”. Do you Country Roadknow what I mean or know where I am referring if I said the property is off Snake Nation?  How about “go to Dial and head toward Suches” or “it’s just beyond the Boy Scout camp”?  How about “Hanging Dog” or “Cooper Creek” or “Devil’s Den”? 

The main concern I would have, as a Buyer, is not do I use a real estate agent, but how do I find the right agent for me? 


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