Do You Have Gas? Or Do You Have To Pay For It?



It has been a while since we have heard from one of my associates, Byron Wyndham. This is not at all his fault, I have to take most, if not all of the blame. He actually sent me the article for this post several weeks ago. Byron is a Real Estate attorney here in Blue Ridge, Georgia. Should you have any legal questions pertaining to North Georgia Real Estate, you should give the good folks at J. Byron Wyndham & Associates a call. Their number is 706.258.6222.

Propane FlameI’ve been trying to point out how buying property in the North Georgia Mountains can be different that just purchasing in a metropolitan area, especially in the Blue Ridge, Ellijay, and Blairsville markets. There was a previous discussion of water and the issues that are involved in getting water to your property. I would now like to address issues concerning propane gas.



Most homes in the North Georgia Mountains use propane for some purpose.



It is often used for the furnace, hot water heater, stove, clothes dryer, gas grill and the generator. You don’t often think about the propane because the gas company usually has you on a regular schedule and the tank is just filled. You may not be aware of the gas company having been at your house until you get the bill for the refill. The propane tank may be purchased or rented.

If the tank is above ground, then it is probably rented. If the tank is buried, then it has probably been purchased. What difference does it make? If the homeowner owns the tank, the owner can “shop around” for the best price and different companies to provide the gas. If the tank is rented, then the homeowner has to use the company that owns the tank.

There is also one issue about propane that may arise at the closing when you buy or sell your house.

Propane Tank copy

The propane tank will have propane in it.


The gauge on the tank will indicate the amount of gas remaining in the tank. It is not unusual for the seller to expect to be refunded for the amount of gas remaining. If there has been no discussion of this during the contract negotiations, the buyer may think that the gas is included in the purchase price.



The best solution: ask your realtor prior to signing the contract how the remaining propane gas is to be handled.



You don’t want to be negotiating this issue at the closing. With the current economic conditions the amounts are not insubstantial. A discreet inquiry during contract negotiations could save several hundred dollars and some bad feelings.


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