Do You Know How To Control Your Outdoor Fleas?

TerminatorThe Terminator Pest Control Service is a Family owned and operated Full Service Pest Control business in the beautiful North Georgia Mountains. They are located in Blue Ridge Georgia, and they service all of North Georgia as well Polk County Tennessee, and they have been in business since 1989.

They specialize in Residential Pest Control as well as Termite Control. They can handle all of your needs from Termite Pretreats to Official Georgia Wood Infestation Reports (Termite Letters), from a One-Time Pest Control Service to a Regular Service Program. Through the years They have been involved with practically every facet of Pest Control. They are constantly working and striving to improve, refine, and expand their services to their customers.

This month the Good Folks at The Terminator Pest Control Services wants to talk to us a little bit about how to control your outdoor fleas.

Controlling fleas outdoors should be approached in a similar manner as indoors.

You should always focus your treatments on the areas where your pet spends the majority of its time, a kennel, their sleeping or lounging areas, etc. Having to treat your entire lawn for fleas should not be necessary. Try treating the above areas with a liquid insecticide, this will be easier than using granules because granules require additional water.

Nematodes is another option for flea control in smaller outdoor areas which you may find beneficial. These are microscopic worms which feed on termites, grubs, crickets, flea larvae along with other insects they may encounter in the soil. Beneficial flea eating nematodes require moist soil in which to survive, therefore you will need to water at least twice weekly in the dry weather to help keep them alive.

Dog ScratchingOne of the most important considerations in the treatment of flea control is adherence to the product label, this indicates the recommended amount of insecticide to use and how often to use the treatment. Fleas have a short life cycle and can become resistant to insecticides if their exposure is more often and to higher doses than is recommended.

To help prevent developing what could be termed super fleas in your lawn, treat your lawn using different insecticides in rotation at around 3 to 4 week intervals.

Many products and brands available on the market today for flea control contain the same or similar ingredients. Always READ the label prior to purchase to ensure the same chemical is not being used in successive treatments.

Fleas are now as common as the housefly within our environment. They live on a wide variety of hosts and develop large populations in a short periods of time. By using flea control products (Frontline, Advantage or Program) on your pet, effective reductions of the flea population will occur in a short space of time, ususally within 2 months. Treating weekly or monthly with flea controlling chemicals on soft furnishings and carpets within your home is also an aid to being rid of the cat flea and dog tick which may be there. Always follow the label directions given and again do not use more than the stated dose than is directed. Ticks and fleas are tough critters, but using these methods can be managed or eliminated altogether

I want to Thank CJ Green and all those at The Terminator Pest Control Services for all the hard work, great service and customer service that they have given all of my clients over the years. They truly do know how to take great care of their customers and mine. If you would like to contact The Terminator, you can call them at 1.800.422.2807, or you can email Amy Mason at [email protected].

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