Do You Love To Fly-Fish? Looking For A Place To Stay?

Late last year I had the good fortune of meeting Dan Levin and his family from the Orlando Florida area. What a GREAT Family!  I got to tell you, we had a blast in both looking for property and negotiating for it. To tell you the truth, I do not know which we had more fun doing.

Fish Trap Low ResDan and his family purchased a Toccoa River Front Home along one of the most highly desired stretches of the River. Their River Home is located just outside of Blue Ridge, GA. in an area known as Fish Trap Trail. Named appropriately because of the 3 natural Indian Fish Traps along the Toccoa River . If you are not familiar with exactly what a Fish Trap is, it is where the Indians would stack the rocks along the river bed to form an arrowhead like shape to trap the fish so that they could spear them or catch the fish in a basket. These Fish Traps are still somewhat used today, except you use a Fly Rod instead of a Spear!

The Toccoa River Cabin is the perfect place for you or your family to come and stay while visiting the North Georgia Mountains. Even if you are not an avid Fly-Fisherman, it is a very warm and inviting Mountain Home. The Levin’s have really done a great job with the decor’ and preparing this River Front Home to accommodate various lifestyles and guests. You will enjoy River Front and Mountain Views and Relaxation! Take a Tour of the Toccoa River Cabin and see for yourself, it is a GREAT place to stay.

So, if you are a Fisherman and looking for a place to stay in Blue Ridge Georgia,  you can’t ask for much better than this. Nearby is the infamous Curtis Switch Bridge. Anybody that Fishes knows where Curtis Switch is located. There are so many other Things To Do in and around Blue Ridge, and I am sure there is something for everyone.

Please be sure to check out what Dan, Linda, Alexander and Zachary had to say about me!

If you end up making a GREAT choice and plan your stay at The Toccoa River Cabin, please come back to The Porch and let everyone else know just how wonderful your stay was in the North Georgia Mountains!

Make it an AWESOME day!

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