Don’t Take Lead Back Into Your North Georgia Mountain Home

Hygenall bonds to and protects from lead dust and other dangerous metals on your skin

Lead and other toxic metals are in the products we use everyday and the surfaces with which we come into contact.  Lightbulbs, for example, or painted window sills.

Unfortunately, washing your hands with soap and water — even with the use of a disinfectant — doesn’t cleanse you of dangerous lead dust.

Instead, a heavy-duty wipe like Hygenall is required.

Hygenall is a cleansing wipe that removes metal oxides from the skin’s surface, including lead.  The wipe creates a specially-formulated lather that traps heavy metals and pulls them away from the skin.

The Hygenall website recommends its lead-remover for a wide group of people including:

  • Pregnant mothers
  • Children in daycare
  • Sportsmen, policemen and others weapon-handlers
  • Construction workers

In addition, the site links to numerous lead poisoning studies including one that references “take-home” lead — the scenario in which a working parent in one of 100 industries is exposed to lead at work and introduces lead dust into the home.

Hygenall doesn’t cure lead poisoning, but it may go a long way toward preventing it — including contaminating a person’s home.

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