Ellijay’s Bar-B-Q Icon – Poole’s “Pigs Hill of Fame”

If you have passed through Ellijay, Georgia, you most likely have seen the famous “Pigs Hill of Fame”; a hill  full of thousands of painted red, yellow, blue and white signs with names from all over the world that have visited the famous Poole’s Bar-B-Q.  The retired preacher, part time politician, piano player and entrepreneur known as Oscar Poole, has owned this icon in Ellijay since 1989.

Oscar is not only known for his fun and flamboyant personality, but also as “Colonel Poole“; a name given to him years ago by the governor of Kentucky who thought he should be recognized as the Colonel Sanders of bar-b-q.  Poole states that they cook their pork for 12 to 14 hours and it is smothered in smoke giving it a wonderful hickory smoke taste.  He also says that you never grind bar-b-q but rather you chop it and this is what contributes to his excellent bar-b-q flavor.  There are many times you will see Oscar playing classical music, show tunes or even customer requests on his piano.  You can truly tell that Oscar loves his job and his customers.

Years ago, he wanted to put a sign on the side of the road to advertise for his restaurant.  When he was told he could not do that, he decided to make a Pig Mobile!  A car that sits out by his restaurant that is literally decorated like a pig.  This definitely shows Oscar’s never give up,  go get em’  personality and entrepreneurial spirit.

I highly recommend you visiting Poole’s not only if you love good bar-b-q but for the experience of seeing this fun restaurant and hopefully getting to meet the man behind the piano with a big smile on his face.  For $5, you may decide it is worth getting your name on the Pig’s Hill of Fame as well.  I know you will not only enjoy your meal but the atmosphere and experience is one you most likely won’t forget.  Enjoy and I would love to hear your comments if you get a chance to visit!

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