Fall Branch Falls In Blue Ridge – A Waterfall Hike For All!

Would you like to take a nice hike to a waterfall that is fun but doesn’t take all day or all of  your energy?   Fall Branch Falls in Blue Ridge, GA. located off of Stanley Road , is perfect for the young and the older crowd.

My husband and I wanted to take the kids (ages 7 and 9) to hike to a waterfall that was not a 5 mile long trek!  As much as they said they would want to do a long hike , I could only picture, 30 minutes into it, that it was “too long” or they were “too hot.”  Those with little ones surely know what I mean!  When we ran across this waterfall, I felt like it would be ideal for my family because we did not want to spend the entire day at the waterfall but wanted to enjoy a fun family outdoor activity.

It takes approximately 15 minutes of going steadily uphill.  While going on the hike, we took a scavenger hunt sheet and they enjoyed finding a flower, pine cones, rocks and various other items on the list.  My son thought it would be super cool to add finding a bug to the list.  My daughter stayed away from that one!

There is actually a double waterfall to see!  To go to the top waterfall, it is only about 5 minutes farther.  At the bottom, there is a deck you can walk on to snap photos or just enjoy the view.  On your way up you will see mountain laurel and rhododendron all along the trail and banks of the creek.   We climbed up to both and my kids, as well as my husband and I had a great time!  They played in the cool refreshing water!  Even our Jack Russell terrier had a blast.  He is 13 years old and it was good for him to splash around with my kids and release some of that Jack Russell energy that he still has!

While hiking to this waterfall, we saw various elderly people, toddlers, and dogs of all kinds enjoying themselves.  I highly recommend this waterfall adventure for one that is not seeking a long or extremely hard hike.  It is a nice break from the regular swimming pool or staying indoors due to the heat!   Stay tuned as I will be highlighting more places to hike in the beautiful mountains of North Georgia!

Directions are as follows: Follow Aska road in Blue Ridge for approximately 8 miles.  Turn right on Stanley road (on the left is where the Toccoa River restaurant used to be)  Follow  the road until the pavement ends.  Continue a short way on the gravel and you will see signs on the right.  Best of all…. PARKING IS FREE

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