Father’s Day DIY Ideas on a Budget!

Ok Mom… it’s Friday…2 days until Father’s Day. You’ve been running around all week managing a busy schedule of work, your home, your children and holding it all together thinking you’ll have time to find that perfect gift for your father, your husband’s father & the father of your children.  Am I right?  Let’s face it ladies…we’re not Wonder Woman, Joan Cleaver or Mrs. Brady.  We don’t have super powers, the perfect smile or a live in maid.  What we do have is very little time, the World Wide Web which includes- Facebook, Pinterest & a small budget.  Fortunately, you have The Mountain Life Team & we’re here to make your life just a little bit easier.  We totally understand that you don’t have time to google something you or your children can do yourself to make it appear like you “have it all together”.  Yeah, I don’t either so below are some really awesome sites which will make this an easier & affordable experience for sure.

Enjoy your Fathers, Husbands or special man in your life this weekend!

fatherdaycouponsGot a printer & some paper?  Here’s a great idea…really cute redeemable Father’s Day Coupons.  Awesome-right?  And the name of the site is ever so appropriate…don’tpanicmom.com.  Love it!


6-19-2015 4-11-14 PMRemember Ad-Libs??  Here’s the best idea ever…Dad-Libs!!  This is perfect for the younger kids but your teen could really make it fun as well.






Here it is… we don’t have to tell you that time is the best gift ever so we’ll just give you some ideas to help make your time together fun for both father & child. Outdoor Exploration Ideas

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