Final Walk-Through: Protection When Buying a Home

ch-walkthrough-300x180After weeks of dealing with inspections, appraisals, repairs, and the sheaf of paperwork created by your mortgage company, The Final Walk-Through should come as a welcome relief to those buying a home in Blue Ridge or Blairsville Georgia this summer. Despite its ominous name, that final walk-through is anything but — it provides a last layer of protection for the new home buyers.

Typically occurring in the final 24 hours before the scheduled close of escrow, this is no mere formality. It’s your ultimate opportunity to inspect the home and ensure that it is in the same condition as when you agreed to purchase it. It is also your chance to make sure that the seller has completed any agreed-upon repairs, and to see that the home is being turned over in “broom clean” condition.

As the formalities of buying a home in Blairsville, GA. conclude, it is easy to see how the excitement and relief of finally closing the deal can distract from the serious business at the very end. Nonetheless, it is definitely to your advantage to be methodical during that walk-through:

  1. Bring along a camera (one you’ve used recently) so you can easily document any issues should they arise.
  2. Make sure the seller left all of the owner’s manuals for appliances and home systems (air-conditioning, heating, fireplace units, alarm systems, etc.), as well as permits, warranties and receipts. Also easy to overlook: remote control devices for garage doors, ceiling fans, and alarms.
  3. Before you leave the house, remember to double-check that everything has been shut down properly. Did you turn off all the lights; HVAC system, pool and spa heaters? You don’t want to come home to your new house only to find a flooded basement!

Although nobody wants to prolong a closing, your agent should be there to help protect your interests. If repairs or other important issues come up, you can request compensation at closing. If you’re thinking of buying a home in Blue Ridge or Hiawassee Georgia this summer, we’re standing by — call us anytime!

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