Gawdy Bobbles – A Unique and Adorable Jewelry Store – Blue Ridge

I had the opportunity to walk into Gawdy Bobbles for the first time this past May with my Aunt Kathy.    She kept telling me we need to go into this store because the girl she had attended high school with, Lynn Kemp, had a really great store where she makes her own jewelry.  My Aunt was right…what an adorable, vibrant and fun place that features so many different types of handcrafted jewelry.

The shop that is situated in the heart of downtown Blue Ridge, directly in front of the  Blue Ridge Scenic Railway, is where they actually manufacture each of the individual, one of a kind pieces.  You will see a store packed full of semi-precious stones, pearls, leather bands, and a variety of style and color.  After meeting Lynn, I felt her vibrant personality matched her store and you could tell that she is truly passionate about what she does.

Lynn visited Blue Ridge for many years and her love for the mountains caused her to make a life change and open her dream shop where she had always wanted to settle down.  Lynn’s story is inspiring as she started making bracelets that featured the colors of her son’s football team back in 2000.  They were so popular among the parents at the school, that she began getting more requests to make even more jewelry.  And so it began…hobby turned into passion, turned into full time adventure.  Lynn not only has this fabulous store in Blue Ridge but you are able to see her unique creations in various boutiques around the United States.  If you are a jewelry lover like me, I highly suggest you stop Gawdy Bobbles.  I guarantee you will find more than one thing you have to go home with!!!

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