Georgia Mountain Research and Education Center – Blairsville, Georgia

I was amazed yesterday when I went to visit the Georgia Mountain Research and Education Center (GRME) at all the wonderful education they provide to adults and children in 5 mountain counties which include Fannin, Union, Towns, Clay and Cherokee.   I had heard of GRME but did not realize all that they provide through research and education.

Located in the  town of Blairsville, Georgia on 415 acres, GRME is the home to orchards, test plots, pasture land, specimen and preservation gardens, historic sites and forests.  There is a community council that was formed in 2003 to assist the GRME Center through various outreach, education and preservation programs for children in grades K-5 as well as adults.  This community based organization is in partnership with the faculty of the University of Georgia and seeks funding for new programs and activities which are consistent with the mission of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

So much goes on at the GRME Center!!  So many students benefit from a variety of experiences ranging from the Johnny Appleseed program, Giant Cabbage Projects, Water Conservation, Tree and environment education and much more.   Adults are able to partake in many classes and  seminars as well.  Some have included Gardening and herb workshops, how to grow blueberries, canning classes, fruit tree care and many more.  Over the years thousands of adults and children have benefited from learning so much about agriculture and farming.

Currently, we at North Georgia Mountain Real Estate, and various other individuals and businesses are helping receive donations for the GRME Center.  The only way to keep these fabulous programs alive is through giving to this center that benefits the mountain community in so many ways.  If you would be interested in helping support this center, please send an email to me at [email protected]  We firmly believe in the education and research that takes place at the GRME Center.  Help preserve the legacy of this fabulous place.  There will be a free tour of the facility on October 2nd that you can sign up for to see for yourself all the great things they do.

The above picture is  some kindergarteners enjoying the Johnny Appleseed program.  My friend’s child attended recently and couldn’t stop smiling!  I am looking forward to my second grader attending and learning all about birds.  My fourth grader will go and learn about trees. I am glad they get to partake in this type of education.  BIG thanks to the GRME Center!



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