Get Out And Vote. At Least You Are Not Shredded Waste!

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Let me introduce myself, my name is Chad and I am nothing more than mere shredded paper waste by definition. I was created by holes left in paper, and I became famous in the 2000 United States Presidential Election. Now it is my understanding that there are many forms of chads, there is the pregnant chad, the dimpled chad, and one of my favorites and probably the most famous….the hanging chad.

Now I could sit and wonder why my parents decided to name me after shredded waste, but to give them the benefit of the doubt, I am not sure anyone even knew what a chad was until the previous mentioned Presidential Election. I blame the good old state of Florida for that, and after beating my Georgia Bulldogs over the weekend, well the nicest thing I can say about that is ROLL TIDE!

Being a Real Estate Agent in the now very colorful Georgia Mountains, I have often wondered how I could use this unfortunate circumstance of being named after paper waste to my advantage. I looked into the pregnant chad, and couldn’t come up with anything with that. I then looked at the dimpled chad, and seeing that I haven’t had dimples since I was a very young chad I couldn’t hardly use that one either. So, here it is. Are you ready for this?

Hanging ChadSo if you come to the North Georgia Mountains in search of Real Estate, please remember to Come Hang with Chad! You can reach me at 706.633.8186, or email me at [email protected].

I am very fortunate and blessed to live in such a beautiful place in such a WONDERFUL Country! Have you stopped to think about this great nation in which we live, One Nation Under God. Take a look around the world just for a minute and you can rest assured, we are a very Richly Blessed Nation. Get out and Vote tomorrow, and most of all, Pray for our country. Pray for wisdom to make the right choice. Pray that whomever may be elected will look to Him for wisdom and strength to lead this nation for the next 4 years. None of us can do it without Him, so let’s all put Him in the Center of our lives and give Him all the Glory for everything we do! May God Bless each and every one of you, and may He continue to bless this Great Nation.

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