Get Ready to Decorate – Christmas Time is Coming!

Christmas-2-300x189Ok so now is the time we start thinking about Christmas decorations – which theme should we use?  Should we use what we did last year or go totally new or possibly add some stuff to what we have? How can we make our home the most fabulous on the block – showcase ready by the day before Thanksgiving! Am I right?  So muster up some energy, solicit help from your family & start pulling out those tubs from the storage closet, attic or basement & look through to decide what you will use again this year. Don’t know a theme yet? Google is your friend so sit down for about a half hour & search the hottest Christmas themes & make a selection.  Don’t worry about being all “Southern Living” you can mix themes & be unique to you!  It doesn’t have to totally “match” unless you want to.

Also, remember – if you have kids – you can always create something kid friendly & catered just to them in a corner or even in their bedroom.  Some people even do a small tree in their room & they can decorate it to suite their fancy!  It doesn’t have to be a time killer or expensive for that matter.  It just has to be cute & if you can throw in a cup full of clever – even better.

And you know the outside can be incorporated with whatever theme you’re using inside. Whether it’s the vibrant blue with gleaming white snow or if it’s the “all white snowy look” it can easily trickle outside onto the porches & even the mailbox.

And don’t forget a gorgeous Christmas wreath for your front door.  No matter your theme – my favourite touch is to personalize your wreath.  How?  Well it’s easy – go to Walmart, Target, Hobby Lobby or a craft store & buy one of those wooden letters with your family’s initial.  Some stores even carry different colors but if they’re just the wood –nooooo problem.  Just pick-up a small bottle of some craft glue based on your theme & add a couple of coats & VOILA – your initial for your wreath is complete!  Make sure you get the wooden letter that has a small hole or a hanger on the back because most likely you will need to tie fishing string around it to attach to the wreath.

Of course, the Christmas holiday period deserves to have a special publication. So once you’ve completed your festive themes – blast pics on FB, Pinterest, Twitter & let people know what you did. Your friends – virtual & personal love to look at what you’re doing. Afterall- that’s where they can get some of their best ideas.

On your mark….Get set…. Gooooo – GET TO DECORATING!

Hope this article sparks your enthusiasm for holiday time decorating & whether your taste is traditional, modern, rustic or contemporary – just run with it & enjoy whatever style you decide upon! Oh & don’t forget to tag us with your pic posts.

Chad Lariscy | The Mountain Life Team | Keller Williams Realty | 706-633-8186


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