Get Rid Of The Sorghum Festival Once And For All?

It’s Fall in the North Georgia Mountains, and that can mean one….well it can mean a bunch of things! Vibrant Fall colors for one, and if your a Realtor these days it could mean a whole lot of “Tire Kickers and leaf-lookers!” Oh yeah, it could also mean great Fall Festivals. You could pull out a Georgia map, pack in a wad of baccer, then close your eyes and spit to hit any number of towns in North Georgia that has their own festival. In Ellijay Georgia they have the Apple Festival, in Blue Ridge Georgia, the Harvest Sale, and in Blairsville Georgia they have the Sorghum Festival. However…Will there be a 39th Annual Sorghum Festival?

Black BeautyI was able to visit ol’ Fort Sorghum this past weekend, and although it was very crowded and somewhat frustrating, festivals are what Fall in the North Georgia Mountains is all about. My son Bryson, his friend Kyle and Classics with MountainsI were able to take a few minutes out of the day to sneak over to check out the ever growing Car Show that takes place during the second weekend of the festival. I couldn’t take too much time to look for myself for the fact helping the boys look for “Bumble Bee,” the “coolest Transformer ever,” according to Bryson and Kyle. If you didn’t know, the movie Transformers hit the streets this past week. I got to tell you, that is a pretty dawg gone good movie. Anyway, there were some unbelievable cars on show this year!

From Model-A’s to Classics, and Hotrods to 4 Wheel Drives. If you love cars and the mountains, this was definitely the place to be!
The greatest concerns for The Blairsville Jaycees are with the Ad hoc selling all around the county on busy weekends and the excessive parking prices. It seems that private land owners around town are charging ridiculous prices to park, and then they seem to be unwilling to give any money back to the cause. This and the fact that there are so many festivals going on throughout the whole North Georgia area are their main concerns. In recent years, the Real Estate boom and the growing desire to have a second home or investment property in the mountains has brought alot of tourism into our counties. Sorghum SyrupBack in the day, they didn’t have as much tourism so they drummed up all of these festivals to bring folks into the area.

“I feel the tourist really enjoy the fact that they can go from one festival to another with just a short drive up or down the road.”

While I certainly understand the concerns expressed by The Blairsville Pole ClimbJaycees, it would be a shame to loose the Sorghum Festival. I would like to say Thank You to the Jaycees for all of the hard work and dedication to our community. I hope that next year we see children’s proud smiles during the Pole Climb Event, and men busting a gut to impress their lady in the Rock Throwing Event. I also hope to see the quality arts and crafts, the hand made quilts and have another one of those incredible Funnel Cakes over at the 4–H tent.

Great Job Blairsville Jaycees, I along with so many others hope to see you at Fort Sorghum in 2008 and many more years to come!

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