Give Thanks….

Rhonda Hood November 24, 2015


vn6wjxpasbbdjk4ci1ahThanksgiving is quickly approaching and I’m sure your family has done the thing where you sit around your table before eating and share what you’re thankful for – right?  I truly love the symbolism with this family tradition but I find myself putting too much thought into this and my answer becomes somewhat contrived.  Ya feelin’ me?  So here’s a rendition of the sweet family tradition.  We ask that you just quickly share below the little things which really makes your days brighter.  The “real” things which are easy to take for granted but make our lives so much easier. The things that you’re actually super thankful for right now…today.  Here are some ideas… the morning show you prefer that lets you know the weather or a cool TV series that gives you something to look forward too on those monotonous evenings.  Maybe it’s the coffee that simply gives you a jolt and a little bit of comfort when you need it.  Now if you want to share the big things you’re grateful for like freedom, salvation and all those amazing fundamentals… go for it!  Just share it and remember sometimes it’s the simple things in life that matter the most!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday…

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