Have You Seen A Black Bear In North Georgia?

It was only a few short weeks ago that I was asked “Do you ever see any Bears?” My answer was simple, “…..not very often.” Boy was I wrong. I have seen more Bear in the North Georgia Mountains this year than I have seen in a lifetime almost.

iStock_000006637893XSmallJust last week I was on my way to a Home Retention Counceling meeting with a client near Helton Creek Falls  just past Vogel State Park  outside of Blairsville, GA. I had decided to take a short cut through Owl Town and stopped in to preview this listing in Chestnut Mountain and met a new friend right there in the front yard. The neighbor’s were outside next door and didn’t even know the bear was next door being nosey!

A few  weeks before that I was showing property with a client and we were looking at this cabin in Big Sky near the Cohutta Wilderness . As we were drving up the mountain we saw a Black Bear  take off through the woods that was sitting along the side of the road.

I also had a client that was meeting with Jim the Plumber at his new cabin in Hiawassee, GA .  near Lake Chatuge  just a couple of weeks ago. As they were discussing the final details of the job just outside the cabin on the drive-way, Jim asked the new owner to turn around slowly to see the Black Bear Cub that was walking down toward them out of the woods. He turned to see that there was not one, but two Bear Cubs. Now you know mama wasn’t too far away!

I came across a great article this morning titled Following In The Footsteps of Bears. Be sure to read it, it has some great tips should you see a Black Bear in the North Georgia Mountains . Please let us know if you have spotted any Black Bear during your visit or stay in the area. I would love to hear about them.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of the Real Estate that you have seen in this article, or any other North Georgia Mountain property, please contact me. I would be grateful for the opportunity to answer any question or obtain any additional information that you may need. If you haven’t visited us here in the mountains, please come see us soon….you will absolutely love it!

Make it a GREAT day!

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