Holiday Decorating Ideas For Your North Georgia Home!

holiday-decorating-300x189Halloween is just around the corner and then we have the holiday season to look forward to. While most people do not consider the holidays a great time to sell a home you might want to think again. Decorating your home for the holidays can create a higher level of interest in potential buyers that just happen to drive by on their tour of holiday decorations.

We all know that presentation sells a home. If you are a holiday decorator and want to sell your North Georgia Home then you should really consider dressing your house up for the holidays.

While we are all somewhat “rustic” in North Georgia and our homes favor a “rustic” clientele, there is nothing that can prevent you from using the most modern and popular themes to give trick-or-treaters or Christmas light lookers a great idea of how living in your house will feel. Feelings sell just as much as looks.

The location, the scenery, and the solitude of most North Georgia homes make a perfect setting for a “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” Halloween theme. You really do not have to go all out bloody and gory to get the feel and make a memorable impression on a potential buyer. The placement of a few carefully considered and tasteful Halloween decorations that will not scare folks away but invite them to stay is the idea.

Another Halloween theme you might consider is zombies. Your home is already in a natural zombie setting. For whatever reason, zombies are a top selling television and movie theme. You can make your home stick in a buyer’s memory with a zombie theme.

The idea is to use Halloween themes that are already in people’s psyche and themes that people are seeing all the time to put your home in their mind as a top pick for a new residence. Children can be your best salespeople if your house is tricked out for Halloween in a memorable way.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are usually more traditional in North Georgia. Roots, religion, and heritage are part of the holiday themes. You should keep the sentiments of a potential buyer foremost in your thoughts when decorating for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

You should also consider the feelings and beliefs of your neighbors when decorating for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The idea is to bring in a new neighbor that shares the prevailing beliefs of the resident community so that the “new folk” fit right in with the community.

You may end up spending a substantial amount of money decorating for the holidays but you can recoup that expense and more when you sell your North Georgia home because prices and home values are finally going up again.

You might not actually sell your home during the holidays although sales in the holidays do happen. The reason you want to decorate for the holidays is to make an impression that sticks in the mind of some potential buyer that sees your home decked out for the holidays. The impression you should aim for is “This is the place that I want to live.” Need some advice on the decore? Call me – Chad Lariscy | The Mountain Life Team | Keller Williams Realty 706-633-8186 & I’ll help. #TheMountainLifeTeam  #Holidays #NorthGeorgia #CabinInTheMountains


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