How About a Whitewater Rafting Adventure?? – Season Begins April 6th!!!

whitewater raftingIt’s hard to believe that in one month whitewater rafting season begins in the North Georgia Mountains on April 6th.   The thought of it is a little “chilling” especially since they are calling for snow tomorrow!  However, it may still be a bit frigid in the mountain rivers such as the famous Ocoee, but if you are adventuresome, go ahead and plan to bundle up and enjoy a great family day in rafting.

The rafting will take place only on weekends until May the 25th.  There are many different rafting companies to choose from and I will be highlighting them individually as time gets closer.  However, here are some of the places to look at and you can go ahead and be getting ideas.  A Rolling Thunder River Company, Occoee Adventure Center, Occoee Rafting,  and Toccoa River Adventures.  

I have personally experienced whitewater rafting and look forward to the day I can take my kids.  They are still too young but will be excited when my oldest is 12 (not that I’m rushing her to grow up or anything) and we are able to take her on a whitewater rafting adventure.  She absolutely can’t wait either but that is the minimum age one has to be to partake in this river fun!  If you have not had the chance to partake in such an adventure, you should highly consider it.

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