How to Carve Out a Corner Designed Just for You

It’s important to have your own space no matter if you’re a single, married or whatever familial status you may be in! Who’s with me? I’m a mom who totally “gets it”! I have a 6 year old & a 15 year old & although they’re the joy of my life sometimes I just need a place to call my own. A space for must me to journal, craft or simply relax and escape from the hustle & bustle of work & life.  Luckily our friends at have a lot of good ideas about creating your own space. With a little time, carving out a special corner designed for you and you alone is something doable. Rev up your inspiration with these 10 creative corners, from reading nooks to hammock hangouts.
2. Reading nook. Set up a cozy corner for diving into that new book by arranging a comfortable armchair and footstool, a reading lamp and a table for setting down your drink and book. Next to a window where you can read by natural light during the day is ideal. A bookcase nearby for choosing your next read and a soft throw to wrap up in on chilly days will complete the scene.

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