How To Clean Your Grill For Better Tasting Food

A well-maintained grill is the key to great tasting food, season after season — chicken, meats, fish or other.  And keeping your grill clean is simple.

In this 4-minute from Lowe’s, you’ll learn basic, pre-grilling cleaning tricks, plus how to breakdown your gas grill completely and clean its parts.

Some of the pointers from the video:

  • Clean your grill before every use using the grill’s own heat and a wire brush
  • Don’t try to clean rusted and/or broken grill grates — replace them
  • After long periods of non-use, check your burners for insects and pests

The video is geared at beginners and includes a step-by-step tutorial. Even the most seasoned griller could probably pick up a tip or two.

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