Homeowner Maintenance : Twice-Annual Gutter Cleaning

Clean your gutters twice annuallyGutters are designed to funnel rainwater away from a home. Properly working gutters help keep a home’s basement from filling with water, and protect a home’s foundation from long-term, structural damage, and keep a roof in tip-top shape.

In other words, keeping clean gutters is essential for homeowners. Thankfully, gutter maintenance can be a do-it-yourself job.

There are four main steps in gutter cleaning, summarized cleanly in this 4-minute video from Lowe’s.

  1. Gather your tools. You’ll need a ladder, a bucket, a hose, and a trowel.
  2. Scoop large debris from the gutter, using the trowel for hard-to-reach places smaller sticks and leaves
  3. Flush the gutters using a garden hose and spray attachment
  4. Remove clogs in the downspout and check for proper sloping

Gutter maintenance is a twice a year task and the Lowe’s video offers helpful safety tips, too.  Of course, if you’re uncomfortable on a ladder, or prefer to hire a professional, reach out to me anytime.

I’m happy to make a local gutter-cleaning recommendation.

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