Would Your Kitchen Pass A Health Inspection?

Americans spend a lot of time cooking and eating in their kitchens. What are you doing to keep yours germ- and bacteria-free?

In this two-part, 6-minute video from NBC’s The Today Show, you’ll first ride alongside a county health inspector as he visits a home and inspects its kitchen. The tested areas include the refrigerator, the cutting boards, the sponges, the utensils, the ovens, and more. Ultimately, the home “passes”, but not before the inspector points out some problems from which we all can learn.

Then, in the video’s second part, you’ll learn how to keep your own kitchen clean and healthy.

  • How much bleach to dilute to clean sinks, and how often to clean them
  • Why “time-to-evaporate” is an important metric when shopping for disinfectants
  • Comparing wood vs. glass vs. plastic cutting boards, and how to sanitize them, respectively

Keeping a germ-free kitchen requires constant attention and a routine cleaning schedule. Thankfully, it’s a simple process. Follow the basic steps as outlined by The Today Show, and your home would pass inspection.

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