How To Erase Furniture Scratches With A Walnut

Over time, wooden furniture shows signs of age. Wear-and-tear from everyday use can lead to dings and scratches that are both distressing, and unsightly. But before you bring your piece to a specialist for repair, you can try the much-less-expensive, do-it-yourself route.

In this 50-second video from HowCast, you’ll learn how to use a walnut and a soft cloth to “erase” scratches from furniture:

  1. Remove the nut from its shell
  2. Rub the nut on the scratch
  3. Wait 3 minutes
  4. Buff the area with a soft cloth

The repair works by allowing the nut’s natural oils to soak into the wood, which reduces the “white” appearance of a scratch. Other nuts work too, including almonds and pecans. Or, you can opt for a professional product like what’s offered at

Anything deeper than a surface scratch, however, and you’ll want a specialist involved.

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