The Skinniest Home In The City Sells For $2.1 Million

Skinny car is wider than a houseThe next time you think you’ve outgrown your home, imagine what life would be like in New York City’s “skinniest home”. It’s barely wider than your wingspan.

In Greenwich Village, there’s a single-family, 3-story residence in which the interior living space width measures just 8 1/2-feet. By way of reference, that’s 4 inches more narrow than the Smart Fortwo electric automobile.

Even the home’s USPS street address hints at its size.  Built on an alleyway, nestled between 75 Bedford Street and 77 Bedford Street, the diminutive home is officially known as 75 1/2 Bedford.

It just sold for $2.1 million.

Meanwhile, big price tags for little homes is nothing new. In 2008, the “Little House” in Toronto sold for the equivalent of $511 per square foot.

It is a good thing that Homes For Sale in Blairsville, GA. are not selling for an average of $512 per square foot. If so, my children would never eat!

(Image courtesy: Wikipedia)

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