Kayak in Two States in a Day!! – Blue Ridge Mountain Kayaking

It is getting that time of year where water activites will be too chilly to enjoy.  It may already be pushing it for tubing but how about Kayaking?  In a kayak, your body is not freezing in the ice cold creek water but rather you are inside the kayak, enjoying a beautiful stroll along the river.

Blue Ridge Mountain Kayaking, located in Copperhill, Tennessee,close to Blue Ridge Georgia, offers the longest ride on the lower Toccoa River in a single or tandem kayak.  There are a variety of packages you can choose from starting as low as $15 and on up to $50 for an all day trip.  While you are on the Toccoa, you will paddle through Tennessee as well as the  beautiful town of McCaysville, Georgia.  Two different states in  just a small amount of time!  You don’t even have to paddle if you had rather glide or float!  While enjoying the amazing scenery in the mountains, you will float under several bridges, and pass a waterfall at the Nifty Fifties restaurant!    You determine how long of a ride you want it to be according to which package you choose!

They will also rent you a fishing pole and tackle for $5 if you really want to make it a full day!  Now is the time to make the trip down the river that you wished you had done this summer.  There is still time left….and they are open seven days a week!  Enjoy the beautiful Toccoa River!  When you finish, you must go by the IGA Grocery store and stand on the blue line and take a picture…the kids can tell their friends they were in two states at once….

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